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Celiac – A Deadly Disease

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What is Gluten and what are the diseases related to it?

Bad reactions to proteins found in common foods like wheat, barley and rye is known as Gluten. Celiac Disease is the most extreme form of this bad reaction. However, many people suffer from something milder called Gluten intolerance.

gluten and celiac disease

Common symptoms you can understand is when your blood will lack iron, leaving you feeling restless and tired. Arm and leg joints will have a lot of pain. Depression and anxiety, without any clear reason are the most common feature of Celiac disease. Some people even experience seizures and might develop liver diseases. Women may start missing their menstrual periods, and it this condition can cause them to miscarry their babies as well. Celiac disease is a life threatening and serious illness. People who have this condition should always avoid eating gluten.

Furthermore, if you have experienced any of these conditions, it does not necessarily mean you have celiac disease, but you should consider cutting gluten out of your diet for a while to see if you feel better. If your symptoms improve when you do not eat staple foods like bread, you may well suffer from gluten intolerance, and should adopt a diet that avoids gluten altogether.

Finally, we should try to avoid food which contains gluten and try to shift to a diet which is good for our health. Check for our best gluten free products:


For more information about celiac disease, check our video and our blog:

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